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Additional Video based and onsite training is available through BigShotHD services and our Authorized Partners, please contact: or fill out the request form.

BigShot-HD® USB PTZ cameras and the UnifiedHD platform are all "plug & play". There are scores of cool features that you can use on these solutions, so training is important. We also provide a complete fully integrated end to end solution for Video Conferencing, recording, streaming, and surveillance applications. This means that you can leverage your technology investment by using these solutions for a multitude of applications. An example of this would be to have the BigShot-HD PTZ camera in a very large room or lobby and be able to conduct surveillance or speak live to visitors without even being there. You can also bring up an HD video session right in your conference room or office, with a BigShot-HD PTZ camera, and record as if it were your own personal recording studio. This UnifiedHD video platform is only limited to one's imagination.

Our goal is to provide a series of training videos that will help you understand the BigShot-HD® USB PTZ cameras and the UnifiedHD platform. Our training has been designed in a series of short training bites that provide you with the ability to learn at your own pace and target specific topics. Future training bites include:


  • BigShot-HD® PTZ general overview

  • BigShot-HD® PTZ how to use presets

  • BigShot-HD® PTZ how to use all of the remote control features

  • Video Conferencing best practice room set up - video, sound, lighting & room decor

  • Video Control Appliance platform overview

  • AV over IP introduction - overview

BigShot-HD® cameras are very easy to use, but everyone might need a little training from time to time!

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