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Our UnifiedHD Video Platform includes the BigShot-HD® series of USB PTZ Video Conferencing Cameras, our LoudN’Clear Omni Directional USB Video Conferencing Speakerphone, Video Control Cloud Appliance (VCCA), and our AV over IP solutions.

The below video was recorded on a live Cloud based Video Conference.


BigShot-HD® delivers brilliant high quality color rendering, variable speed pan & tilt functionality with 10 presets, auto or manual focus and low light correction. You can control up to 4 BigShot-HD® cameras from one remote control!

UnifiedHD Solutions Overview

BigShot-HD Snapshot:

Large, medium, and small conference rooms, executive offices, huddle rooms, remote office, and schools can benefit from true room based Video Conferencing.  All without the expense of traditional proprietary systems that are difficult to configure and operate.

BigShot-HD® clearly delivers the most immersive, affordable, and easy to use Video Conferencing experience in the industry.

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