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LoudN'Clear Video Conferencing Spearkerphone

$399.00 - with Omni Directional sound!

LoudN’Clear Video Conferencing Speakerphone includes:

  • USB “plug & play” with 360 degree Omni directional sound.

  • High-end intelligent DSP echo cancellation.

  • 16 KHZ loud and clear sound sampling and sound quality.

  • 3 microphones with a minimum 15 foot and maximum of 25 foot radius.

  • Easy roller sound adjustment, mute, external microphone jack, external phone or additional microphone connection, and LED display for live and mute mode.



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USB Full Room "plug & play" Video Conferencing Phone

The LoudN'Clear Video Conferencing Speakerphone can pick up sound from up to 15ft in any direction!

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