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BigShot-HD Mini Conference Phone


The BigShot-HD "Mini" USB Conference Phone is a compact audio solution that directly connects to a USB port on ANY computer.  The "Mini" provides clear sound with a radious up to 10 feet in any direction. Easy to use and perfect for small conference rooms or break out rooms.


   BigShot-HD USB "Mini" Conferencing Spearkerphone:

  • USB 2.0 “plug & play” connectivity.

  • Built in Speaker.

  • DSP Speech Processor, Echo Cancellation and noise reduction .

  • Mute function.

  • Power Button

  • Volume Control

  • Full duplex communication.

  • Portable Design

  • Powered through the 12" USB cable (included) no external power required.

  • Dimension: 5"W X 5"L X 1.5"H

  • Operating Voltage: 4V-5.25V DC.

  • Operating Temperature: -10~+40°C.

  • Ambient noise: < 60VdB(A).

  • Built in 3.5mm headset jack.



MSRP @ $99.00

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