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What does USB Plug & Play mean?

USB “Plug & Play” means that you can connect the BigShot-HD® to PC, MAC, iPAD, iPhone or Android devices that support the USB 2.0 standard without any special drivers. Simply plug in a BigShot-HD® or the LoundN’Clear Video Conferencing Speakerphone and the device automatically recognizes them so you can begin to use the audio and video devices.

Is the BigShot-HD® the same as installing a webcam?

Yes, the BigShot-HD® is exactly that same as a USB attached webcam but the controls for the Pan Tilt & Zoom functions are performed by the remote control or 3rd party controller through VISCA. PELCO or PELCO-D using the R232 or RS422 connection on the BigShot-HD®.

What is the difference between the BigShot-HD® PT & PTZ cameras?

The BigShot-HD® PT has the pan & tilt function and comes with a 2.5mm wide angle lens. The BigShot-HD® PTZ has a pan, tilt & zoom function and comes with a 3.8mm to varifocal lens which provides the actual zoom capability.

What does a 1/3” CMOS High Speed Image sensor mean to me?

BigShot-HD® cameras have a 1/3” CMOS High Speed Image sensor compared to web cams or USB PTZ cameras which have ¼” CMOS Image sensors. The size of sensor that a camera has ultimately determines how much light it uses to create an image. In very simple terms, image sensors consist of millions of light-sensitive spots called photosites which are used to record information about what is seen through the lens. Therefore, it stands to reason that a bigger sensor can gain more information than a smaller one and produce better images. So larger sensors can help you capture better quality images, but they will also need a bigger lens to cast an image over it which the BigShot-HD® cameras provide.

Can I mount the BigShot-HD® from the ceiling?

Yes – the BigShot-HD® cameras come with a mount for ceiling or wall mount installations. The real advantage to the BigShot-HD® cameras is that you can hang a BigShot-HD® in a strategic location and complete a 360 degree view. The BigShot-HD® allows you to “flip” the image so it reverses the view providing a shot from an upside down position. In many cases the BigShot-HD® can provide room coverage that would require 2 cameras in the room with other PTZ cameras that simply can’t do a 360 degree view!

What are all of my BigShot-HD® camera mounting options?

Ceiling mount as described above, wall mount, on the desktop or on a tripod by connecting the BigShot-HD® to the standard tripod mount.

What is Variable Speed PTZ?

BigShot-HD® PTZ cameras have two selections on the remote control to speed up and slow down the PTZ movement. The BigShot-HD® Cameras have a high quality direct drive Pan & Tilt mechanism that can move very quickly across the room. Not every user wants to position the camera that quickly – much like a mouse’s pointer speed selection. The BigShot-HD® allows you to slow down or speed up the movement of the PTZ function to suite your specific user needs.

How does the BigShot-HD® camera focus when it zooms?

BigShot-HD® cameras have an auto focus or manual focus feature. The auto focus incrementally continues to focus in on a scene as it settles in to one spot for an instant as it focuses in on the subject. The auto focus is very accurate.

So what does near & far focus control do?

BigShot-HD® has a near & far focus control setting that allows you to specify whether you want to focus in on objects close by or far away when you are using the PTZ function in a large room. Anytime you have a varifocal lens that can zoom to multiple focal points, it can be tuned to focus on the nearest or furthest object in the scene.

Can I save different presets for each camera on the same remote?

Yes – you will select the camera 1 through 4 on your remote and save your presets that are specific to that camera (1 through 4).

How do I configure and save “presets” on the BigShot-HD®?

To set up and save up to 10 presets, you simply pan, tilt & zoom to the desired location – press and hold the preset button on your remote control and assign the preset (# 1 through 10) by pressing the number that you would like to assign that preset position to – that’s it.

Can I control more than 1 BigShot-HD® camera with 1 remote control?

Yes – our standard remote (provided with each BigShot-HD® USB PTZ) can control up to 4 BigShot-HD® PTZ cameras! The function is very easy to use. There are 4 buttions at the top of the remote and you simply select the camera you want to control (1 through 4) and all of the remaining functions will behave the same way.

How big is the BigShot-HD®?

There are 4 BigShot-HD® models and they are all 3 1/2lbs with dimensions of 9 ½”W X 3 ¾’D X 5 ¾’H. The BigShot-HD®is a full size HD Video Conferencing camera. It just happens to be the same as installing a USB webcam.

How can I conduct a Video Conference on a BigShot-HD® and connect to a Polycom®, Cisco®, LifeSize®H.323 conference?

You would connect to a traditional H.323 video conference the same way you would with any USB webcam device – from your computer using a web based “Cloud” service like Zoom®,®, vidtel®, Vidyo®, FuseBox®, BlueJeans® or StarLeaf® to name a few. Or you can install a software client on your PC from Radvision®, LifeSize® or Polycom® that allows you to call directly to a Polycom®, Cisco®, LifeSize® or any H.323 compliant device on a point to point H.323 video call.

Does the BigShot-HD® PTZ function work if I am in a Skype call?

Yes – the BigShot-HD® PTZ function is driven from the remote control and is independent of any specific Cloud based service etc.., therefore it will work with any other cloud based Video Conferencing services – Skype or any of the above mentioned services.

How does the BigShot-HD® LoudN’Clear Video Conferencing speakerphone work?

This is a USB standards based VoIP speakerphone that connects directly to a USB port and auto configures. Your computer or mobile devices will recognize it as they would any other USB device – plug & play.

Can I use the BigShot-HD® LoudN’Clear Video Conferencing speakerphone for regular Voip calls?

Yep – simply place a VoIP call with it as you would any other USB audio device attached to a computer or mobile device.

How do I know which Unified-HD platform Video Control Appliance (VCA) to use with the BigShot-HD® camera?

That will depend on your specific requirement. If you want to conduct cloud based HD Video Conferencing you can use the Droid Appliance or the BRIX which come configured for Video Conferencing. If you require HD Streaming and Recording or want to incorporate specific enterprise wide applications, the BigShot-HD® Server appliance or the BigShot-HD® Enterprise Video Control Appliance will be the better fit. If you are integrating the BigShot-HD® PTZ cameras into a Virtual Enterprise environment or performing advanced applications, our Authorized BigShot Partners will help you determine the best fit. BigShot Partners can help you with all of your applications, regardless of the size and nature of your organization.

Can’t I just attach the BigShot-HD® USB PTZ camera and the LoudN’Clear USB phone to my existing computer and be done with it?

Of course you can. The Unified-HD platform provides an “end to end” solution for organizations that want to build an integrated Video Conferencing, Steaming and Recording network. Most any computer or mobile device will work with BigShot-HD® that has a Dual core class processor or above for HD Video Conferencing applications.

What is AV over IP?

Our AV over IP Solutions allow users to attach BigShot-HD® cameras and BigShot-HD® LoudN’Clear Speakerphones without using any USB wiring between the front of the room and the conference table. The RJ45 Network cable which is present at the table in most conference rooms will provide the connectivity over the network. Our Authorized BigShot Partners can design the right configuration for you and most often eliminate unnecessary wiring costs.

So how is it that VueQuest can deliver the BigShot-HD® USB PTZ cameras and the LoudN’Clear Speakerphone at such disruptive prices?

Simple – we have been integrating Video for 10 years and we have been waiting for technology to catch up to our vision of high quality, affordable HD Video for everyone. We have accomplished this through both technology advances and a very disruptive business model. Too many companies – and we all know who they are, have been determined to control the market and keep their gravy train going with expensive proprietary Video Conferencing. The game hasn’t just changed, it’s over as we all once knew it. Video Conferencing providers will need to adapt their business models to a new era of high quality – easy to use – affordable Video Conferencing at the desktop, in the room and on the road for everyone on any platform!

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