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Our travels have served us well as we enter our second decade.

VueQuest has provided technology solutions across the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. VueQuest will work to preserve your existing technology assets while you migrate to HD IP video solutions. We will ensure that your customized solution is based on realistic goals that are closely aligned with your organization and budget requirements.

We focus on specific HD video technologies that will scale to provide an "open platform" for future technology migrations. Our UnifiedHD video platform includes the BigShot-HD series of USB PTZ Video Conferencing cameras, the LoudN’Clear Omni Directional USB Video Conferencing Speakerphone, the Video Control Appliance (VCA’s), and our AV over IP solutions.

Our leadership consists of a variety of experience, including senior leadership roles with leading network and video based technology companies. We have not only watched this industry mature, we have been an active part of it and will continue to grow with this exciting technology space.



  • 13 Years - since January, 2002

  • Flexible Support Options

  • Nationwide Support Coverage

  • Global Reach

  • Integrated End to End Solutions

  • Key Vertical Market Coverage

  • Purchase - Lease - Rental programs



VueQuest delivers our UnifiedHD platform through authorized "BigShot" Reseller Partners

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