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Our UnifiedHD video platform includes the BigShot-HD® series of USB PTZ Video Conferencing cameras, our LoudN’Clear Omni Directional USB Video Conferencing Speakerphone, Video Control Appliance (VCA), and our AV over IP solutions.


BigShot-HD® delivers brilliant high quality color rendering, variable speed pan & tilt functionality with 10 presets, auto or manual focus, and low light correction. You can control up to 4 BigShot-HD® cameras from one remote control!






The BigShot-HD® series of USB PTZ Video Conferencing cameras are part of the VueQuest Tehnologies Unified-HD platform.


For over 10 years, VueQuest Technologies has been designing solutions that will scale to meet your specific technology and budget requirements. VueQuest offers the UnifiedHD Platform exclusively through our authorized "BigShot" Partner Program.

Technology continues to get smaller, but when it comes to Video Conferencing - it takes a "BigShot" to see who's in the room!


Until now, big PTZ Video Conferencing cameras have been limited to the corporate board rooms and "high end" Video Conferencing applications.


BigShot-HD® is the world's first high definition USB PTZ camera to deliver a full 360 degree pan & 120 degree tilt function on a USB "plug & play" Video Conferencing camera.


BigShot-HD® clearly delivers the most immersive, affordable, and easy to use HD Video Conferencing experience in the industry.

The Industry's first professional grade USB HD - PTZ Video Conferencing Cameras under $1000.00 are here!



BigShot-HD® connects to just about anything with a USB port, including PCs, MACs, or your mobile devices. It is also compatable with all compliant Video Conferencing software on Windows®, Linux®, Android®, and MAC® IOS platforms. 


Our complete line of "plug & play" Video Conferencing, streaming, and recording solutions have been designed to interoperate seamlessly in your existing network environment, in-house or in the Cloud!

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